Luxury in Dining

Avoceleon is the first 100% Greek extra virgin Avocado Oil intended primarly for culinary use. It is produced entirely from Cretan organically grown avocados, cold-pressed and bottled locally to preserve its superb qualities. We are proud to be the first and only company in Greece to bring this delicious gourmet oil with its uniquely local taste profile and unmatched health benefits to your table.

Avocado oil is the perfect all-purpose oil. It has a very high smoke point, higher than most cooking oils, and with its luxurious yet mild flavour and its buttery texture it tastes far better than just about anything you’ve ever cooked with before. It also boasts some unusual and uniquely healthy properties, which are currently bringing it constantly at the center of scientific research.

Find out more about its health benefits and how to take advantage of them or dive straight in to ideas and tips on cooking with Avoceleon.

Enjoy the ultimate luxury in dining: the delicious gourmet goodness that is Avoceleon!