Cooking with Avoceleon

Avoceleon, the luxurious secret ingredient in your kitchen

Cooking with avocado oil makes sense. Not only does it offer a wealth of health benefits, you also have a far lower chance of creating dangerous compounds, even with frying. It is also incredibly versatile, being equally proficient as a cooking and as a finishing oil. And as foodies all over the world are discovering, avocado oil can simply help you create some surprisingly tasty dishes.

Avoceleon has a mild, sweet flavor with a hint of nuttiness and its texture feels smooth and light with a slight buttery feel. It blends well with both sweet and savory ingredients and its flavour profile will not overpower your recipes. It is brilliant for salads, great for high heat cooking, impressive as a finishing or dipping oil, and a healthy alternative to butter when baking. Here are just a few ideas of how to intergrate nature’s ultimate luxury in your cooking:

1. As a Cooking and Baking oil

Avocado oil is smooth and rich but it does not disguise the flavour of food. It instead brings out the natural flavours of the dish you are preparing. Fish, chicken and other foods with delicate flavors that should not be disguised benefit from this. It also makes an excellent mayonnaise!

Because of its very high smoke point, Avoceleon will not burn or smoke until it reaches 255°C (437oF). Health benefits aside, that means that the oil’s characteristics will be preserved even for cooking that requires high temperatures. You don’t get the taste of burnt oil, just the natural flavour of the food. That makes it an excellent and healthy choice for a stir fry or sauteing vegetables, for pan-frying, barbequing, roasting, grilling, in short: for any and all high heat cooking applications.

If for example you enjoy French or Asian-style cuisine, avocado oil is a perfect fit for searing meats and frying vegetables and meat in a Wok, without overpowering the taste of the ingredients.

Many foodies are also discovering its unique qualities for baking. Because avocado oil has a natural buttery taste, it’s a great (and very healthy) substitution for butter or margarine.

2. For Salads or as a Finishing / Dipping Oil

Avoceleon’s nutty flavor and buttery texture make for extremely smooth and flavorful salad dressings, while not interfering with the flavors of your ingredients. Pour Avoceleon on any salad or vegetable and let it sit for an hour to take up the fragrant and delicate flavours of the oil. And remember, this is the adviced method for getting the maximum out of avocado oil’s health benefits. [link up -carotenoids]

It’s emerald green colour and flavour enhancing qualities also makes it perfect for drizzling over finished dishes for a gourmet effect or for dipping with oven-warmed breads. It is brilliant as a garnish for soups, drizzled over chicken or as a condiment for seafood where its flavor can be appreciated. For a snack or an entrée to a meal, pour some avocado oil and olive oil into separate bowls as a dip for hot bread, straight from the oven and suprise your friends by demonstrating the unique difference and flavours of the two oils. Try it also as an alternative to butter over hot potatoes and greens and get the benefit of an enriched flavour from a product that is much better for your body.

Avoceleon is the ideal healthy all-rounder in your kitchen. You can use it in all the ways that you would use extra vigin olive oil (EVOO), its healthy alternative and counterpart, for a different, more mild flavor (compared to the strongly flavoured olive oil). Unlike olive oil though, you can also use it as as a safe, healthy choice for all your high heat cooking skills. Heighten the flavor of any dish and add this ultimate luxury to your cooking repertoire. Your heart will thank you, and so will your taste buds!