Why Greek Avocado Oil?

Avoceleon, our extra virgin avocado oil, is made from 100% Cretan organically grown avocados, which are cold pressed to extract the most nutritious avocado oil in the world. We are spearheading culinary grade avocado oil in Greece, and we are proud of a product with a unique local profile that will surprise you with its luxurious taste and its unmatched health benefits.

Soil & Climate

Our Greek extra virgin avocado oil has a unique blend of flavour and aroma, and the soil and climate in which our avocados are cultivated play a very important role in developing this blend. Avocados are a relatively recent addition to the Cretan wealth of cultivations, but one perfectly suited to the climatic and soil conditions of the island. Western Crete offers some deep, fertile soils, with low calcium carbonate content and naturally good soil drainage. The local microclimate is also a great asset: mild winter temperatures and springs with high relative atmospheric humidity promote the growth of healthy avocado trees, and the mountain ranges allow our avocado orchards to be protected from damaging high winds. Cultivating our organic avocados in mildly lower tempratures than their native tropical ones results in a slower maturing fruit with a specific profile of fatty acids, contributing to the unique composition of our avocado oil.


Avocado oil is usually processed from poor quality fruit and made into a base product for the cosmetics industry by refining, which involves heating and chemical extraction. This process delivers an oil stripped of many excellent qualities that is not suitable for culinary use. We are the first and only company in Greece that offers culinary grade, unrefined, extra virgin avocado oil of absolute quality, suitable for the most upscale culinary uses. We achieve that by producing Avoceleon in much the same way that olive oil has been made over many centuries in Greece. This age old traditional Cretan knowhow, combined with the newest scientific advances of processing technology, ensure that the oil from our avocados reaches you in its purest and most nutritionally beneficial form. Our organic avocado pears are sun-ripened to perfection before the skin and stones are removed. The avocado flesh is then delicately cold-pressed at temperatures below 45 degrees Celsius, in a single extra virgin process. No heat or solvents are ever used to extract the oil from the fruit, and the resulting delectable green oil contains an acid content below 1%.



This is Avoceleon: Our extra virgin Greek avocado oil, an all natural, vegan product, made with 100% organic ingredients, cold-pressed and unrefined. A premium modern Greek product, the ultimate indulgent and healthful luxury nature has to offer for both your table and your beauty needs.